Agenda for Regular Meeting

Mon July 21 2008 5:00 p.m.

Call to Order

  1. Approve agenda.

  2. Approve June 08 Minutes

Old Business

  1. Engineering Updates
    1. Safe Routes Plans - Washington Ave Design Decision to reapply for more funds
    2. Phase 2 Updates - Progress since June?
    3. Oxford-Lafayette Fields - Trails and BMX track
      1. City Bikeways (except OTR Bridge)
      2. Old Tailor Rd. / MS-6 Roundabouts/Ped Bridge
    4. Synergy between College Hill water line project and Phase 2?

New Business

  1. Discuss University Avenue
    1. Current Safety Concerns with Left turn conflicts onto S. Lamar
    2. Pedestrian Crossing
    3. Traffic (including Peds and bikes) data collection
  2. Discuss General Ped/Bike Surveys - adopt NBPD Procedures first week in Sept? National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project

  3. Safe Routes to Schools Plans for Fall Potential Fuel Savings for OSD?

  4. Discuss Complete Streets Planning Procedures in Oxford

  5. Grant Opportunity - National Association of Realtors Smart Growth Action Grants $5k max, Due Oct 3 2008

  6. Late-breaking items
    1. loupathways/suggest vs oxfordms.net/concern.php
    2. Status of new "Southside" Park and Bridge
    3. Connector from Molly Barr to UM Golf Course?
    4. Planting 4th of July Parade "Green Prize"
    5. STIP meeting Thurs July 31, 4Ð7 p.m., Oxford Conference Center
  7. Elect Officers for the coming year

  8. Discuss LCI training - Roger Kuhnle

  9. Compile Sidewalk maps for downtown - Becky Moreton

Action Items Review & Confirmation