OXFORD PATHWAYS COMMISSION | Agenda for Regular Meeting

Mon Dec 21 2009 5:00 p.m.

Call to Order

  1. Approve agenda.

  2. Approve Aug 2009 Minutes Approve Sep 2009 Minutes Approve Nov 2009 Minutes

Old Business

  1. Engineering - Updates on bikeways phase 2 and FNC park projects

  2. Phase 3 Survey Results

  3. Education - Safe Routes, bike safety, and OSD expansion plans.

  4. Meeting with Starkville In Motion Group

New Business

  1. Passing Ordinances - City and County, What's next?

  2. Priorities for next year. Here are some ideas. Please add your own.
    • LCI bike safety training in Oxford.
      • Communiversity Class? Oxford Schools SRTS?
    • Complete Streets Ordinance
    • Park Commission Collaboration on bike Trails at Stone Park and FNC Park

Action Items Review and Confirmation