OXFORD PATHWAYS COMMISSION | Agenda for Regular Meeting

Mon Feb 22 2009 5:00 p.m.

Call to Order

  1. Approve agenda.

  2. Approve Jan 2010 Minutes

Old Business

  1. Engineering - Updates on TE projects, Sidewalks, New Bike Lanes near Chandler Nissan

  2. Engineering - Consideration of Phase 3 initiatives
  3. Education - Safe Routes, bike safety, and OSD expansion plans.

  4. LAB Traffic Skills 101 training in Oxford (UM Outreach Class)

  5. Consider Partnership in Safe Routes Network - MS - Karen Mogridge

  6. Discuss Oxford's presentation at National Bike Summit in Washington DC. - WED, Mar 10 9 am Cycle Tracks to Pump Tracks: The Transportation-Recreation Connection

  7. Update on 2010 AIA Sustainable Design Assessment Team visit

New Business

  1. Pump Track Proposal with OPC, OCC.

Action Items Review and Confirmation