Complete Streets - Brief Report - INCOMPLETE DRAFT 2008/04/17 2:38 PM

Complete Streets favor walking, biking, public transit and compact development. Communities with complete streets are vibrant and sustainable, promote healthier citizens and reduce traffic congestion and parking problems. Senator Harkin recently introduced Federal legislation to make complete streets a central part of national transportation policy. Consultants Michael Ronkin, and Michael Moule and city officials will discuss current plans and future policies. The public is invited to bring questions, concerns and suggestions.

After an intensive 3 day visit in Oxford and Meetings with City, State and University Officials, MR and MM were very supportive of our current achievements and future plans. The thrust of their recommendations (complete recommendations will be presented in their report in a few months) was that we should think about moving beyond the concept of separate "Pathways" and incorporate pedestrian and bicycle access wherever possible across the city. The comprehensive plan was good but the vision of the Comp Plan often not adequately represented in the land use code.

Some highlights from the week

Phase 2 - My impressions of discussions on the tour Tues and Wed

Thurs Meetings with Ian Banner and Syd Spain

Thurs Mar 27 Completing the Streets of Oxford - Public Meeting - 5:30 pm in City Hall

MDOT meeting