Agenda for Regular Meeting | Mon February 27 2011 5:00 p.m.

Call to Order

  1. Approve agenda.

  2. Approve [Jan 2012 Minutes]

Old Business

  1. Update on Oxford Bikeways Phase 2 - STP-0360-00(011)LPA 12 miles including: - MS-314(3.3 mi), Old Taylor(0.8), Belk(0.7), S. Lamar(2.5), S.18th(1.1), Bramlett(0.8), Williams(0.4), N. Lamar(1.1), MS-30(0.4)

  2. Engineering - Brief report on ongoing projects
  3. Bike Friendly Community - Application submitted February 17, 2012

  4. Discussion of Green Week (April 16th -22nd)

  5. Bike Month Activities

New Business

  1. USA BMX Summit Report
  2. Bikeways Economic Impact Report for LAB Bike Summit March 20-22 2012
  3. Proposal for Jackson Avenue from Anderson Rd to Depot St. New bikelanes on Anderson (complete) for College Hill Rd (projected fall 2012) need safe connections to Campus and Downtown Oxford. Both bicycle and pedestrian crossing improvements should be considered.

    Consider 3 options:
    1. No change.
    2. Shared Lane Markings and "change lanes to pass" signage + pedestrian crossing signals / crosswalk enhancements / refuge islands.
    3. Protected Bike Lanes + pedestrian crossing signals / crosswalk enhancements / refuge islands.

Action Items, Review and Confirmation