The Oxford Pathways Commission will serve in an advisory role to city staff in the considering Bicycle and Pedestrian accomodations in planning new construction and ongoing maintenance of city facilities. These guideines from the MDOT MULTI-plan may be helpful in drafting the ordinance.


Excerpted from CHAPTER 10 of the Mississippi Unified Long Range Transportation Infrastructure Plan (MULTIPLAN)


Transportation planners, highway engineers and bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups are faced with the challenge of balancing competing interests in a limited amount of right-of-way, while developing a multimodal transportation infrastructure that provides access for all and safety in equal measure for each mode of travel. Mississippi’s transportation system must be balanced, accessible and safe for all citizens. A comprehensive analysis of various modal choices, including nonmotorized alternatives, is essential to reaching this balance.

Federal Design Guidance

TEA-21 states that, "Bicycle transportation facilities and pedestrian walkways shall be considered, where appropriate, in conjunction with all new construction and reconstruction of transportation projects, except where bicycle and pedestrian use are not permitted." (Section 1202)

U.S. DOT Policy Statement on Integrating Bicycling and Walking into Transportation Infrastructure

The Policy Statement, from which aspects relevant to Mississippi are highlighted below, was developed through collaborative input of FHWA, AASHTO, ITE, bicycle and pedestrian user groups, state and local agencies, the U.S. Access Board, and representatives of disability organizations. The following design guidance recommendations, drawn from a national best practices analysis, have been extracted from the Statement:

As various situations require various solutions, state and local governments should encourage exercising judgment in the application of the range of available treatments, with the following as examples:

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