Oxford Pathways Agenda for Wed June 6 - 5pm in City Hall.

  1. Construction report for Phase 1.
    Jackson Ave. Bridge
    Old Taylor Road Details
    Railway South Surface.
    Final details - signage, bike racks, leftover funds?

  2. Railway local connections, PDF 720k
    Neighborhood connections to Longest Ave and CB Webb
    OPC Price St and Stone Park complexes.
    Oxford Middle School
    Volunteer projects, OPC, private funding?

  3. Plans for Grand opening -
    Congressman Wicker invitation
    Mid-July? Early August?

  4. General time line for Phase 2

    • Core Loop
      • North Lamar Bike lanes
      • Douglas and Williams to
      • * Bramlett Boulevard
      • * S. 18th from University to Access Rd,
      • * Access Rd to S. Lamar,
      • * Frontage Rd to Old Taylor Rd.
    • Core Extensions
      • * Sisk Avenue
      • Ridgewood Manor Drive
      • College Hill,
      • Belk Drive,
      • Van Buren to N. Lamar
      • Hathorn Rd
    • *SportsPlex

    * Coordination with ongoing construction projects

  5. Registration of the Rail/Trail with the Rails to Trails Conservancy - We need a name.

  6. New considerations for bicycle facilities planning

  7. South Lamar / Hwy 7 / Old 7 plans
    MDOT meeting last week MS-7 to 4 lanes, S Lamar to Old 7 Junction squared up

  8. Event parking - Bicycle Valet Service?
    How Valet Parking Could Save the Planet. Time online, May. 24, 2007
    Examples via Google News
    Cycle Safe Makes an event rack for $2k | PDF flier 940k

  9. Next meeting - Transition to Pathways Commission
    Nomination and appointment of Commission Members
    First Wed is July 4 move to July 11?

Handouts for distribution at the meeting (12 copies)

-Railway local connections, PDF 720k
-Sharrows recommended for MUCTD adoption PDF
-Copenhagen study of bike lane safety
-Bike check - PDF flier 940k