Oxford Pathways Report for Wed June 6 - 5pm in City Hall.

In attendance:

Mayor Howorth, Tim Akers -- City Planner
Kevin McLeod -- Elliot and Britt, Phase 1 project engineer
Jondi Brackeen, Chris -- The AVA Hotel
Mindy Maxwell -- Senator Cochran's Office
Kent Jackson FNC Inc
Roger Francke, Kate Kellum, Mike Mossing -- Pathways Regulars
Cameron Johnson -- UM Grad Student, DM opinion page
Vivian Neill, Suzanne Lacey -- Oxford Cycling Club

  1. Construction report for Phase 1.
    Jackson Ave. Bridge - Will be delivered on Tues. June 19
    Old Taylor Road Details - Engineers and City Officials are working on it
    Railway South Surface - Present surface to be groomed - no new material
    Final details - Funds are all spent - signage, bike racks need other revenue sources

  2. Railway local connections, PDF 720k
    Neighborhood connections to Longest Ave and CB Webb - MM to meet with Jeff McClure OHA tomorrow
    OPC Price St and Stone Park complexes. Presentation to Park Commission Board June 20
    Oxford Middle School
    Volunteer projects, OPC, private funding? AVA Hotel team are willing to help

  3. Plans for Grand opening
    May need to wait for final project completion
    August Congressional recess might work

  4. General time line for Phase 2 Waiting for city matching funds to begin engineering
    Late August or Early September

  5. New considerations for bicycle facilities planning
    Standardise on MUTCD Chapter 9?
    Sharrows recommended for MUCTD adoption
    Copenhagen study of bike lane safety documents accident increases at intersections

  6. South Lamar / Hwy 7 / Old 7 plans
    MDOT meeting last week MS-7 to 4 lanes, Lamar to Old 7 Junction will be squared up
    Recommendation - Consider bike lanes on S. Lamar to coincide with MS-7 redesign

  7. Event parking - Bicycle Valet Service?
    How Valet Parking Could Save the Planet. Time online, May. 24, 2007
    Examples via Google News
    Cycle Safe Makes an event rack for $2k | PDF flier 940k
    Oxford Cycling Club - Agrees to explore the Purchase - Blake Barnes, UM Athletic facilities contacted 6/7/07

  8. Registration of the Rail/Trail with the Rails to Trails Conservancy
    We need a name.

  9. Next meeting July 11

    1. Begin Transition to Pathways Commission
      • Nomination and appointment of Commission Members
    2. Grand Opening
      • When
      • Who should coordinate this (Mayor%27s office, Tourism?)
      • Who should be invited
    3. Name for rail part of the LOUP
      • Perhaps a hold a contest
    4. Phase 2
      • Consider hiring professional bicycle facilities designer/engineer

Handouts distributed at the meeting

-Railway local connections, PDF 720k
-Sharrows recommended for MUCTD adoption PDF
-Copenhagen study of bike lane safety
-Bike check - PDF flier 940k