Oxford Pathways Report - July 12 2007

In attendance:
Mike Mossing, Kate Kellum, Roger Kuhnle, Becky Moreton
City Officials: Mayor Howorth, Tim Akers(Planner), 
    Kleb Johnson (OPC), Mike Martin (OPD)
Sue Lynn Mills - Oxford Eagle

Agenda Items

1 Commission Organization
        - Members will be chosen from letters of interest
        - Call for letters - to be published in the Eagle       
        - Reps for OPC and OPD may be liasons instead of staff
        - Responses will be tabulate after 15 days
        - Appointments at Aug 7 City Board Mtg
        - Officers Required:    Chair, Secretary 
    Proceedings - standard order of board meeting
        - Approval of Agenda, Approval of minutes, etc

2 Commission Goals - Promote non-automotive transportation
  Why?  Daily Exercise contributes to individual health
        Necessity - 30% of individuals don't drive
            Children, Elderly, Disabled, Disadvantaged
        Community - promotes interaction
        Traffic and Parking Solutions 
        - only if significant numbers choose to travel w/o cars

  How?  ENGINEER: Safe, convenient, attractive facilities
        EDUCATE and ENCOURAGE people to use them 
            (as well as existing streets and sidewalks)
        ENFORCE the laws to enhance safety
        EVALUATE progress to do it better

  Beyond Oxford - Students, fans, tourists 
    can see the possibilities of short trips w/o a car
    may even be drawn to Oxford for that reason
    Oxford can be an example for the state and region

  If cycling and walking come to be generally accepted - 
    Compact connected development will be favored over sprawl   

 Long Term - Ped/Bike Plan drafted in 2003
         Review & update once commission formally established 

 Short-term goals (weeks)
    - Phase I comments - construction nearly complete 
        - Provide letter with itemized comments on 
        completeness/usability prior to final inspection
        - Input from Community Rides / others 
        - Should be done by August 1st

    - Grand opening of the Phase 1 Rail/Trail 
        Tentative date – August 24th at 4 p.m.
        Mayor’s Office To invite Wicker
        Kate reserve Depot, talk with Chancellor’s office
        Brief speeches by relevant parties 
        Have Police officers on bicycles (OPD, UPD)
        Refreshments (perhaps provided by Ava?)
        PR release to Rails-to-trails 
        Community Walk/Ride after speeches 
        Police officers will be at cross-streets
        Balloons/streamers –or – bike bells
        Name for rail/trail (separate)
            Depot Trail – University Place to MollyBarr
            Taylor Trail – Old Taylor nearly to Thacker Mtn 

    - Provide input on Phase II plans, 
        Investigate the feasibility of an outside consultant 
        Michael Ronkin - http://michaelronkin.com/
            Oregon DOT, AASHTO Bike/Ped policy committees
            is willing to come, available in August
        Estimated 10-20 hours @ $100/hr + travel
        Coordinate potential visit/plans with UM, County, MDOT
        Wait on decision until meeting of full commission Aug 8

3 Other topics discussed
    Kid's Bike Rodeo – with Health Fair, Skate Place, Aug 11 
    Safe Routes to School – encouraging news 
    OPC Board seeks ideas encouragement activities
    Certified Bicycle Instructors
        UPD? Cliff Heegel in Memphis 
    Driver Awareness
    Danger Spots - Becky Moreton has a list
        eg. Gertrude Ford sidewalk and crosswalk by depot
        Solicit community input online or in paper surveys   
    University contacts 
        Lee Tyner open to discussion of         
            neighborhood connections
            extending trail northward at airport boundary 
            Tailor mountain bike trails
        Ian Banner - Facilities Planning Committee 
            Event Bike Parking on agenda for next meeting  

4 Next (first official COMMISSION)  meeting - August 8th